Rope Rescue & Rigging Guide


Written and illustrated by Grant Prattley

The Rope Rescue & Rigging Field Guide provides easy to reference practical reminders on essential field techniques for teams and individuals training and responding to rope rescue incidents.

The Field Guide is for rescuers working in the backcountry, remote areas as well as off-road situations. In places where we need to carry the equipment some distance and then perform at a high level.

Includes information on personal skills, knot craft, communication, roles, anchors, lowering, pulleys, changing systems, directionals, load (e.g. stretchers), analysis and forces.

  • A6 sized 105 x 148mm

  • Waterproof paper

  • 204 pages in full colour (70 additional pages from 2nd ed.)

  • 250+ drawings

  • Published in 2020




  • Most drawings have been improved or redrawn;

  • Personal skills – harness setup for canyon and alpine/rock, edge kit

  • Knotcraft – doubled overhand bend, double sheet bend, 6on1 Schwabisch (asymmetric)

  • Communication – counterbalance voice commands,  knot ID for rope ends

  • Anchors – Natural anchors, rock protection, human anchors

  • Lowering – two rope systems, figure-8 device, Scarab, belay device

  • Pulleys – two rope systems, counterbalance, pulley system – more complex progressions

  • Changing systems – new section – changeovers, passing bends, swapping systems, passing directionals

  • Load – canyon rescue stretcher

  • Aide memoir – as we use the book for training, at the back is a summarised comms section is in an easy to find location.

  • What’s been taken out: A new focus for the field guide. It’s for backcountry rescue where you expect to carry the gear some distance. So anything particularly heavy and things we don’t normally carry has been taken out. That means no 11mm ropes, SA frames, tripods, IDs and industrial harness setup.

Rope Rescue & Rigging Guide