Canyoning Technical Manual

The essential canyoning technical manual for aquatic canyons covering core canyoning practices. Recreational canyoners will find this manual very useful, especially those coming from other disciplines such as climbing, caving and kayaking. It will also be very useful for guiding and leading as, in addition to the core practices, group techniques are covered.

Includes information on trip planning, equipment, teamwork, movement, water hazards, abseiling, ascending, knotcraft, pitch setup, pitch rigging, belay, lowering and raising.




  • 2016 Updated Edition – This edition has extra information on managing a big pitch and passing a knot
  • Gloss paper stock
  • Spiral Bound spine
  • 186 pages in full color
  • 200+ Drawings

Main Author and Illustrations by Grant Prattley
Contributing Author Daniel Clearwater

Canyoning Technical Manual