Nature’s Temple

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The soundtrack to my personal experiences in canyons is almost always Native American flute music. Surrounded by silence I hear the music in my head. I am at peace. Recently that silence was broken by the yelling and screaming of … Read More

Internet Forums

I started the first canyoneering forum on the internet back in May of 2000. The original platform was called eGroups, which was later acquired by Yahoo! Those who have been around long enough likely remember it best as the Canyons … Read More


“OMG! Can you believe that guy? He almost ran right into me!” Actually, I couldn’t believe the woman who said that. I was stuck behind her group of around ten people, who were descending this section of trail three abreast. … Read More

1200 Feet of Rope

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Posted on a forum, “Someone left a lot of rope in Mystery Canyon”. Several people inquired, “What do you mean, a lot of rope.” “A lot. Like some hand lines on the entry gulley.” The post was on the Monday … Read More

Forever Loyal

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For several years back in the 90s I taught a wide range of outdoor courses for an Arizona-based retail chain called Popular Outdoor Outfitters. When they decided to add climbing gear they asked me to make a trip to the … Read More

Training in Portland

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Sitting in the Alaska Airlines Lounge in Portland waiting for my flight back to Salt Lake City. Posting to share a quote from Lisa Hewitt, a student in two of the three one-day workshops I taught here. Reminding myself what … Read More

1,000 YouTube Subscribers

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Feels like a legitimate channel now. 🙂 Working on a Support Page on my website to provide another means of support for my volunteer training programs and free instructional videos.

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