Big Benefits for Canyoneering Karma Patrons

Giving you the learning resources you need to become safe, proficient and self-reliant for a lifetime of canyoneering, rappelling and climbing adventures.

Training - Online and Hands-on

Become a canyoneering master with online learning resources and instructional videos in our Knowledge Base, interactive live events online, and personal support from our expert instructors.

Community Connections

Meet new friends, network with other canyoneers around the world, seek partners for practice and exploration, plan trips, and participate in service projects.

Exclusive Events

Get your Canyoneering Karma Passport; it is your ticket to substantial savings on courses, exclusive member-only events, one-off workshops, and exhilarating adventures.

Support Our Mission

Without your support, Canyons & Crags would not be able to provide free online learning resources or to change the lives of those less fortunate around the world. Membership in our communitity is free. Your optional donation will provide needed support for our service projects.

Canyoneering Karma Passport

The Canyoneering Karma Passport is a beautifully-designed “adventure logbook” that includes pages for recording your canyoneering accomplishments — training, assessments, canyons led, rendezvous and conferences attended — plus several pages for recording your service projects.

The Canyoneering Karma Passport is available in our Shop for a one-time contribution of $250. Passport holders receive substantial discounts on all of our hands-on training courses. Your investment will likely pay for itself with the money you save on just one course.

Proceeds are used to help fund our service projects.

Train, Travel,

Transform Lives

Canyoneering Karma uses this unique adventure sport as a vehicle for making a profound difference in people’s lives.

Canyons are magical places of stone and water that captivate and inspire visitors to change the way they relate to the natural world and how they choose to live their lives.

Whether training here in the USA, traveling to provide fun workshops for children in Nepal, or helping to launch guide services in other developing countries — everything we do is designed to have a positive impact. And, you can be part of it all.

We invite you to train with us, travel with us, and transform lives with us.

Adventure in the Park

Pokhara Nepal

Our Mission

Inspired by the book, “Sacred Economics” by Charles Eisenstein, we aim to encourage a charitable giving economy that reaches far and wide across the canyoneering community. We do this by:

  • Providing professional training to promote safety and self-reliance in the canyoneering community.
  • Building self-confidence and enabling people to develop an appreciation for the natural world.
  • Training underprivileged adults and youth in Native American communities and developing countries to expand their economic opportunities.
  • Donating gear to technical rescue teams and emergency medical services.

Global Service Projects

Our service projects have enabled us to make a difference in the lives of so many inspiring people around the world. Here are just a few examples of our canyoneering projects:

  • Trained over 100 young Nepalese men and women to become canyoneering guides.
  • Provided ropes and gear to create new guide services and jobs in Nepal.
  • Donated gear to help establish a canyoneering program in Baja California, Mexico.
  • Helped establish the White Mountain Apache Tribal Guides program in Arizona.
  • Donated training and gear to help establish a ropes challenge program for children in Nepal.
Other volunteer and charitable projects:

  • Organized volunteers to rebuild homes after the devastating 2015 Nepal earthquakes.
  • Delivered more than 500 toys to Nepalese children — donated by the Happy Factory in Cedar City, Utah.

Canyoneering Shoes

We have delivered over 450 pairs of donated canyoneering shoes to start-up guide services and non-profit canyoneering programs in Nepal, Indonesia, India, Morocco, Africa, Mexico, Apache guides in Arizona, and to several volunteer rescue teams throughout the U.S.

Thanks to Zion Outfitters and Zion Guru, both located in Springdale, Utah

The groups and individuals we serve can always benefit from donations of rope, rope bags, technical hardware, wetsuits, etc.

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