Canyoneering Karma

Hi! My name is Rich Carlson — adventure travel addict and technical rescue, rigging and rappelling instructor. Since 1990 I have trained thousands of canyoneers, climbers, adventurers, professional guides and rescue teams across the Americas and around the world. Check out my free instructional videos and my blog to follow the adventure through entertaining stories and images, plus technical advice, gear reviews and minimalist travel tips.

And be sure to check out all of our upcoming community events, including training workshops, skills practice sessions, canyon descents and adventure travel. We are here to serve; to help you learn, practice and hone your technical skills; to meet other canyoneers and adventurers; and of course to have fun exploring.

Upcoming Community Events

Canyoneering Skills Practice – Arizona

Continuing a series of monthly skill practice meetings for fellow canyoneers in the Phoenix area. So…
Canyon Guide Training – Monterrey Mexico

Monterrey … Thursday-Sunday, 8-11 March, and Thursday-Sunday, 15-18 March
Canyon Guide Training – Guadalajara Mexico

Guadalajara … Monday-Sunday, 18-25 March

The Latest from Rich's Blog

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“OMG! Can you believe that guy? He almost ran right into me!” Actually, I couldn’t believe the woman who said that. I was stuck behind her group of around ten people, who were... Read More

Dr Carlson?
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It popped up on the kiosk when I was signing in for a flight from LAX to Hong Kong. DR CARLSON RICHAR. Somehow the D at the end of Richard and my middle... Read More

1200 Feet of Rope
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Posted on a forum, “Someone left a lot of rope in Mystery Canyon”. Several people inquired, “What do you mean, a lot of rope.” “A lot. Like some hand lines on the entry... Read More

Canyon Rendezvous
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The canyon rendezvous concept was started by the ACA in 2000. Here’s is a brief history. Also just an excuse to wear my buckskins and show off my .50 caliber Hawken rifle. 🙂 Read More