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Hi! My name is Rich Carlson — adventure travel addict and technical rescue, rigging and rappelling instructor. Since 1990 I have trained thousands of canyoneers, climbers, adventurers, professional guides and rescue teams across the Americas and around the world. Check out my free instructional videos and my blog to follow the adventure through entertaining stories and images, plus technical advice, gear reviews and minimalist travel tips.

Upcoming Events

ART of Canyoneering

ART of Canyoneering is a fast-track workshop designed to provide training for canyoneers who wish to…
Ultralight Rigging & Rescue

Ultralight Rigging & Rescue focuses on safe and efficient rigging for rappelling, self rescue, c…
Advanced Rigging & Rescue

Are you ready to take your rigging & rescue skills up a few more notches?

If yes, this inte…

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