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Hi! My name is Rich Carlson -- adventure travel addict and technical rescue, rigging and rappelling instructor. Since 1990 I have trained thousands of adventurers, professional guides and rescue teams across the Americas and around the world. Now you can follow my online courses, free instructional videos and my blog and join me as I share the adventure through entertaining stories and beautiful images, plus technical advice, gear reviews and minimalist travel tips.

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Competency Continuum
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The competency continuum. People enter canyoneering at different places along the continuum. Some have no rope experience at all. Some have no outdoor experience at all. Some come from rock climbing and have... Read More

Standoff with the Montana Freemen
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On March 25, 1996, an 81-day standoff began between FBI agents and an anti-government group known as the Montana Freemen. The standoff continued until the last members of the Freemen surrendered on June... Read More

Thierry Achmetoff
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I only met Thierry in person once. He attended a rendezvous in Arizona with his girlfriend, Enrica and my friend, Koen. He didn’t speak any English and I didn’t speak any French, but... Read More

Fun with Friction
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When you have a cool toy like the Rock Exotica Enforcer load cell, you just gotta find some fun ways to play with it. How about measuring how load on an anchor changes... Read More