It was cold and raining when the day started in Thomasville, Alabama. The day before had been rough. This day was primed to be even rougher. The rain stopped, but the clouds never cleared. I walked less than a mile … Read More

Intimate with Litter

When I’m hiking I like to carry some hard candy in the waist belt pocket of my pack. Sometimes Jolly Ranchers. Worthers Originals on this trip. They come in such small wrappers; nobody would even notice them on the ground, … Read More

Packing Light

Traveling over the years I have learned one key to packing light is selecting attire that meets these criteria: (1) high quality and performance, (2) versatility, and (3) easy maintenance. With these criteria in mind, my packing list for this … Read More

New Orleans

I had my route planned out from Baton Rouge to New Orleans – walk down the River Road on river left. Visit Houmas House Plantation. Cross over the Mississippi River on Hwy 70 bridge to river right. Visit Oak Alley … Read More

Red Stick

Jean Baptiste Le Moyne, Sieur de Bienville served as the French Colonial Governor of the Louisiana Territory. In 1698, Bienville and his brother, Iberville led a French expedition to the Gulf of Mexico and up the Mississippi River. While traveling … Read More

The Best Plans

I couldn’t have started this adventure without a plan, but now that it has begun I see far less utility in having a plan. Along the way there will be problems and there will be opportunities. I want the flexibility … Read More

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