Groov-E Ghost

Utilizing a marlin spike hitch, the Groov-E Ghost allows rigging to be easily retrieved with minimal effort, leaving nothing behind. The slight dog bone shape helps the device favor the center when loaded, yet provides quick retrieval with the load removed. Each Groov-E Ghost is marked with a unique S/N to help aid traceability/inspection reports throughout its life. Rigging includes a temporary safety for all but the last team member, with all team members down the safety is removed and a simple pull of the retrieval line dismantles the system. Ideally all ropes & rigging are recovered after falling to the bottom of the drop.

In sensitive areas of soft rock such as sandstone, the Groov-E Ghost can be utilized for the purpose of helping eliminate rope grooves that scar the canyon. Pulling the toggle to collapse the system helps avoid using our excessive pull rope as a band saw during retrieval.

The Groov-E Ghost can also serves as a “leave no trace” anchor. Whether we are “Ghosting” a canyon, simply keeping entry rappels litter free, or conserving anchor material, rigging the Groov-E Ghost allows all gear to be retrieved and make forward progress.




  • Shape: Dogbone (Curved Center)
  • 3Sigma @ Center: 1,976lbs (8.7kN)
  • Weight: 54 grams
  • Dimensions: 195mm x 30mm
  • Material: Polycarbonate