8mm Canyon Extreme

The Canyon Extreme is the ultimate in Canyoneering ropes. Technora sheath strands for superior cut resistance with a solution dyed polyester marker for high visibility combined with 100% HMPE core strands create a high strength and light weight rope. If you need the highest level of performance available this is the choice!
Not recommended for use with an ATC style device or Pirana descender due to potential for sheath slippage around their sharp radius on long rappels. Use with a Totem or Critr 2 only.



Available in:
65m, 100m, and 200m Lengths

@ 300 lbf = 1.3%
@ 600 lbf = 1.9%
@ 1000 lbf = 2.6%

Diameter:     8.0mm
Grams Per Meter:    42
Tensile Strength:     5,500 lbf (24.5 kN)
Sheath Mass:     58%