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For the price of five expressos per month you will have the satisfaction of knowing you are supporting Rich’s caffeine habit and encouraging the production of high-quality videos, podcast, and other instructional content.


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The Knowledge Base is an indexed and searchable collection of online learning resources; personally curated by Rich Carlson and Adolfo Isassi to insure the relevance and quality of the information.

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Participating in any of Rich’s live Tech Talks will provide you with a dynamic interactive learning experience. These events feature convenient direct access to expert knowledge gained from decades of canyoneering experience. Rich includes stories that put lessons into context and reveal nuances that are not readily apparent when initially learning new skills and techniques.

Personal Coaching

Having a personal coach will provide you with a guided approach to learning that will enhance and accelerate your skill development. Beyond technical skills, your coach will share invaluable knowledge, tips and tricks from years of experience. Ultimately, your coach will help cultivate in you a deep appreciation for this exhilarating outdoor activity.