The Totem is the 'Swiss Army Knife' of rigging and rappelling devices. Deceptively simple-looking, the Totem is remarkably versatile. Use it for rappelling - it's simple to add friction mid-rappel and simple to lock off. You can also use it for ascending, belaying, releasable rigging systems and hauling systems.

Join canyoneering instructor and Totem designer, Rich Carlson, for a hands-on workshop to learn many of the Totem's amazing uses. Totem workshops are hosted by Totem dealers and distributors, including Canyons & Crags.

Topics covered in the workshop:
  • using the Totem as a rigging plate for rope management
  • rigging releasable blocks on single ropes
  • using the Jester rigging system for lowering, belaying and contingency
  • rigging releasable systems on double ropes
  • rigging a Stone 8 with the Totem
  • rigging guided rappels
  • belaying two climbers at the same time
  • rigging mechanical advantage haul systems
  • rappelling with the Totem
  • rigging for friction on single and double rope rappels
  • adding friction mid-rappel
  • locking off mid-rappel
  • ascending with the Totem
  • Stop and Go rappels
  • Z-rig rappels
  • rappelling in Throttle mode