Edelrid Rescue Knife

Rescue and rope knife for cutting rope and webbing when canyoning. Developed specifically according to the requirements of canyoning guides, who work closely together with the EDELRID designers, this knife has an ergonomically shaped handle that allows a secure grip when swimming. The tip of its stainless steel blade is rounded to prevent injuries and the blade also has a slightly curved form to make cutting a rope easier in an emergency.

The knife fits perfectly together with the Iguazu II harness which has a special holder on the leg loop base for the new knife.


  • ergonomically shaped handle with finger hole for a secure grip when swimming
  • high quality stainless steel
  • rounded point for additional safety
  • robust plastic holder for attachment to a canyoning harness
  • fits the leg loop of the Edelrid Iguazu II harness


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