Iguazu II Canyoning Harness

The Edelrid Iguazu II is an innovative harness designed for canyoning guides, which can cope with extreme punishment from both rock and water. It has an ultra-robust seat protector that can be replaced if necessary. EDELRID has been working with guides to further optimize the already popular canyoning harness “Iguazu”. The new model now has a single central D ring, padded leg loops and moveable gear loops. Additionally, its fit and overall comfort have been further refined, while the length of the webbing has also been optimized.

There’s also a special holder on the leg loop base for Edelrid’s canyoning knife.


  • 4 buckle-construction for maximum adjustability, keeps tie-in point permanently centred and gear loops symmetrically aligned
  • Stitched clip-in buckles at waist make it easy to put on and take off
  • Legs loops open fully thanks to classic mono buckle
  • Leg loop has special holder for the Edelrid Canyoning rescue knife
  • Extremely robust, seamless, replaceable seat protector
  • Large stainless steel tie-in eyelet
  • two robust moveable gear loops
  • Weight (g): 810
  • Size: universal
  • Color: orange
  • Certifications: EN 12277,C


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