Lowering a Heavy Load

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One of many uses for the Totem CRT … As a rigging plate for lowering a heavy load. For example, lowering two people; rescuer and patient. A Rapid Access Team traveling light with GriGri2, a tube device and a Totem … Read More

Packing Light

Traveling over the years I have learned one key to packing light is selecting attire that meets these criteria: (1) high quality and performance, (2) versatility, and (3) easy maintenance. With these criteria in mind, my packing list for this … Read More

New Orleans

I had my route planned out from Baton Rouge to New Orleans – walk down the River Road on river left. Visit Houmas House Plantation. Cross over the Mississippi River on Hwy 70 bridge to river right. Visit Oak Alley … Read More

Red Stick

Jean Baptiste Le Moyne, Sieur de Bienville served as the French Colonial Governor of the Louisiana Territory. In 1698, Bienville and his brother, Iberville led a French expedition to the Gulf of Mexico and up the Mississippi River. While traveling … Read More

The Best Plans

I couldn’t have started this adventure without a plan, but now that it has begun I see far less utility in having a plan. Along the way there will be problems and there will be opportunities. I want the flexibility … Read More

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