Conversations, Part Three

Random bits and pieces of conversations with people I’ve met along the way. Just Need Someone to Talk To Hitchhiking is not as easy as it was 40 years ago, but there are still people who will give a ride … Read More

The Route

Back home now and already thinking about where to go next. I enjoyed my walkabout so much and met so many wonderful people that I wouldn’t mind going back to the south, but it is a big world with so … Read More

Conversations, Part Two

Random bits and pieces of conversations with people I’ve met along the way. PR Police Macon, Georgia. I was taking a photo when I heard a voice ask if I was an Allman Brothers fan. I turned around to see … Read More


It was cold and raining when the day started in Thomasville, Alabama. The day before had been rough. This day was primed to be even rougher. The rain stopped, but the clouds never cleared. I walked less than a mile … Read More

Intimate with Litter

When I’m hiking I like to carry some hard candy in the waist belt pocket of my pack. Sometimes Jolly Ranchers. Worthers Originals on this trip. They come in such small wrappers; nobody would even notice them on the ground, … Read More

Acts of Kindness

I did some hitchhiking back in the 70s. It was easier then.  Walking feels good in the morning when I’m fresh. Sometimes I stick my thumb out. Sometimes I don’t. Early in the day I don’t NEED a ride, but … Read More

Trails, Tracks, Roads and Rivers

February 1st. I started this trek one month ago today.  So far, my modes of transportation have included: hiking on trails and along roads, hitchhiking, bicycle, Greyhound bus, Amtrak train, rental car, canoe in a Louisiana swamp, water taxi, fan … Read More

Florida – A Little SideTrip

My original plan was to travel from Houston to New Orleans to Pensacola to Atlanta. As I was finalizing my own plans, my wife was making plans to fly to Orlando to meet our daughter and drive down to Key … Read More

Allman Brothers Band

I can’t say that the Allman Brothers were ever my number one favorite band. As a kid in the 60s I loved the Beatles (of course). In the early 70s it was Creedence Clearwater Revival. In the mid to late … Read More

Conversations, Part One

Random bits and pieces of conversations with people I’ve met along the way. You’re Lying Standing in McDonalds waiting for my coffee, wearing my backpack, trekking pole in hand. A woman walked up to me and said she saw me … Read More

Riding Lori

I rode Lori hard that day. Well, at least as hard as I dared. She is obviously well-past her prime. As much as I hate to admit it, I’m a bit past my prime as well, so I needed to … Read More

3 Days in New Orleans

Named after the Duke of Orleans who reigned as Regent for Louis XV from 1715 to 1723, the city was established by French colonists and strongly influenced by their old world culture. It is well known for its distinct French … Read More

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