Nature’s Temple

The soundtrack to my personal experiences in canyons is almost always Native American flute music. Surrounded by silence I hear the music in my head. I am at peace.

Recently that silence was broken by the yelling and screaming of someone’s children. I back-tracked until I met six kids; guessing their ages ranged from six to twelve. I explained to them that many people come to places like this to enjoy serenity and their noise was disrespectful. A man – who I assumed to be the dad of at least some of the kids – caught up with them and chimed in to the conversation. He understood and reinforced my message to the kids … to a point. When I suggested this place was a temple he said he wouldn’t take it that far.

I guess we all have our own concept of what constitutes a temple. Personally, I feel much closer to God in nature than I ever could in a multi-million-dollar structure built by man.


I’d rather be in the mountains thinking of God, than in church thinking about the mountains.— John Muir

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