In this episode, Rich talks with his guest and long-time amigo, Pepe “Barranco” Benavides. The conversation includes how Pepe has become the “official” graphic artist of the international canyoneering community, lending his creativity and talent to countless projects over the past 22 years.

Pepe also shares information about the international canyon rendezvous taking place in Mexico in November 2024 and his role in the planning and organization of the event.

Artista Gráfico Extraordinario

Pepe has been working as a graphic artist for more than two decades. He is the creative talent behind many of the graphics used for many of Rich’s projects. A few samples of his artistic whimsy are shown below, but be sure to check our his website to view many more of his designs, including an extensive t-shirt collection.

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Sistema Digestivo

RIC is the annual international canyoning meeting supported by the International Federation of Canyoning (FIC) The RIC is a well-known and recurrent event. It occurs every year in the best canyoning places around the world. Every year people from the five continents join the RIC to share their passion, know-how and culture.

The base camp of RIC Mexico 2024 will be Club Xel a non-profit organization dedicated, among other tasks, to the exploration, dissemination and conservation of the natural and cultural wealth of the Otomí Tepehua mountains of the states of Hidalgo and Veracruz.

Located in the municipality of Agua Blanca de Iturbide, in Hidalgo, Mexico, it is a destination with tourist attractions such as its traditional architecture, springs, crystalline rivers and large waterfalls, as well as its delicious local cuisine. It is an ideal destination to enjoy nature, history and Mexican culture surrounded by fellow canyoners.

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