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Historical Hardware

Carabiner rappels, carabiners with brake bars, hooks, horns, plates, tubes, figure eights, eights with ears, complex eights, spools, bobbins, and so much more. 

Step back in time and marvel at the ingenuity that went into all the devices people used for rappelling, belaying, climbing and ascending. 

Some of the gear is still around and still being used in one form or another. Some just makes you scratch your head and wonder.

Gary Storrick’s Vertical Museum (link)

Long, long ago Gary Storrick developed an interest in rappelling and ascending devices. He made a decision to collect one of each device so he could compare how well they worked. Little did he know what he was getting himself into. He has since spent a fair amount of time and money collecting things that he says really have no monetary value. We are grateful that he maintained his hobby and continues to offer the opportunity to enjoy his collection.

Karabin Climbing Museum (link)

Marty Karabin says he did not find the climbing world. It is more like the climbing world found him. The gear in his collection somehow multiplies by itself as he sits still and witnesses one amazing coincidence after another as the historical gear finds preserving rest in his hands. Marty’s collection includes an assortment of carabiners, hammers, hand drills, hooks, pitons, nuts, cams, and more.

You can see portions of the collection in Phoenix at the Phoenix Rock Gym and the Arizona Hiking Shack.

Vertical Archaeology (link)

Another cool site – Documenting the evolving tools of our vertical world.