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This booklet was one of the first projects undertaken by the American Canyoneering Association; within one year of the organization’s inception. Written by Rich Carlson and Matt Smith, with input from many members of the canyoneering community. More than 3,000 copies were printed and distributed thanks to some generous donations. It is still available for download in PDF format and definitely worth reading.

Canyoneering on the Colorado Plateau - Leave No Trace

Follow rangers from Arches National Park as they descend deep into sandstone canyons on an epic adventure. Along the way, they’ll show you how to plan ahead, canyoneer safely, and demonstrate minimum impact practices for Leave No Trace.

Focus on canyoneering on the Colorado Plateau — southern Utah and northern Arizona.

Canyon Safety & Code of Ethics

A well-produced video from Australia. From the description: “Canyoning is such a great adventure, discovering new places, plunging into ancient ones. With some of our most popular canyons in the Blue Mountains becoming busier, it’s important that we all remember the basics about not only looking after ourselves, but also our canyons.”

Please share your comments. How will you start implementing the suggestions presented in this article in your future canyon trips?