16 April 2021

“My first course was taken over 20 years ago. But what I learned that week, and over several continuing courses, rendezvous, workshops and outings was a safe and efficient method to explore the marvel of the world of slot canyons.

These courses are invaluable for those who not only want to become competent canyoneers, they are also a resource for learning how to solve problems and prepare for the unexpected while in the wilderness. They are also a huge resource for making contacts with like minded adventurers. The canyoneering community is small, but it is huge compared to when I entered it. I have met many wonderfully fascinating people over the years and have made friendships that continue to this day. I have explored canyons in numerous states and several foreign countries. I have survived close calls because of what I learned through these courses and I have taught what I have learned to numerous others. I can’t thank Rich enough for the years and patience and guidance.”