The ART of Canyoneering is Rich's flagship canyoneering workshop. It is designed to provide fast track training for canyoneers who wish to acquire the specialized technical and problem-solving skills required to competently descend technical canyons.

Topics covered in the workshop:
  • canyon topography and rating systems review
  • advanced knots and hitches for rope, cord and webbing
  • efficient movement, climbing and stemming
  • efficient rope deployment
  • single-point and multi-point anchors
  • appropriate use of friction and sequencing for marginal anchors
  • single-rope and twin-rope rigging systems
  • importance and proper use of contingency rigging
  • static and dynamic courtesy rigging
  • guided rappels and redirects
  • specialized rappelling and belaying techniques
  • ascending and transitions
  • tandem and simul rappels
  • pothole escape techniques
  • problem-solving strategies
  • tips and tricks from Rich's 40+ years canyoneering

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Customized Private Training is Available

If our schedule and training objectives do not match yours, consider private custom training. Custom training can be tailored to your specific needs and taught at your location. This allows you and/or your team to develop skills based on the local environment and the rigging and rescue situations you could most likely encounter. Contact Us to discuss your training needs.