The Canyon Rescue Technician (CRT) is a multi-skilled rescuer trained in a combination of technical canyoneering, swift water and high angle rescue skills. He is one member of a Rapid Access Team (RAT) of first responders that can quickly access an injured or stranded group of canyoneers, initially assess the scope of the problem, provide escape assistance, give first aid, and be the liaison between the party being rescued and the high angle rescue team on the canyon rim. He also has the skill and training to initially package and transport an injured patient to a place in the canyon more accessible to the high angle rescue team or helicopter.

Canyon Rescue Technician training is offered by Canyons & Crags on a custom contract basis. The program is ideal for professional rescuers, members of Search and Rescue (SAR) teams, backcountry rangers and professional canyon guides, as well as recreational canyoneers who want to be well-prepared for emergency situations.

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