Rigging & Rescue Course


Rigging & Rescue goes far beyond memorization of basic systems. You will learn to  rely on knowledge and skills rather than the latest hardware, along with improv methods to accomplish your mission with minimal lightweight gear.


I have known you for a long time now and I want to express my thoughts. It’s going to sound a little mushy. I have appreciated the leadership and intimate details you display with training. Your knowledge on several subjects is next level ( I have no other way to describe it). I enjoy watching you head off students before they meander down the road of no return, meaning you know exactly the mistakes they are about to make before they even know they are headed in that direction. I have learned an immense amount from you and for that I am grateful.

Joe Storms

Rescue Instructor

I have had the opportunity to take several courses from Rich Carlson, and have come away with so much more new information than I expected. His depth of knowledge and experience is invaluable and it seems the more I learn, the more he has to teach.

I most enjoy that no matter your level of rope work education, Rich makes the curriculum easy to grasp, and offers concepts and methods that challenge even the most skilled students.

Rich has taught me that every situation has nuances that dictate the options and applicable best practice, and that “it depends” is an important mantra to prevent getting stuck in a “one size fits all” mentality. I have greatly benefited from Rich’s instruction and highly recommend!

Rebecca Haacke


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