LNV Cedar City UT Aug 2020

$180.00 $120.00



Instructor: Rich Carlson

Workshop Fee: $180

$120 Deposit required with registration. Balance due on the first day of the workshop. $60 Discount for individuals who acquired a Canyoneering Karma Passport prior to 15 June 2020. To receive the discount you must bring your passport with you to the workshop with all information entered and up-to-date.

This 2-day Land Navigation Workshop is designed for the serious outdoors person. It consists of classroom instruction and overland movement. Students will learn to use a topographic map, compass and GPS.

Topics will include:
  • Understanding map symbols and information
  • Reading contour lines to get a 3D view of the terrain
  • Measuring distance on a map
  • Understanding the differences between True North, Grid North and Magnetic North
  • Using a protractor to plot bearings and triangulate position on a map
  • Using a topographic map and terrain association for navigation without other tools
  • Understanding UTM and Latitude-Longitude grid systems on a map
  • How to orient a map with a compass
  • Route planning
  • Following a compass bearing while hiking
  • Using GPS to determine location grid coordinates and plotting the location on a map
  • Using pace and terrain association to arrive at a destination
  • Dead reckoning
  • Plus other tips and tricks to build your confidence while navigating through the wilderness
About Your Instructor

Rich is best known as a rope skills instructor, but began his career teaching land navigation in the military. He received several accommodations as an instructor and was a lead member of several first-place winning orienteering teams.

Over the next three and a half decades his students included individuals, park rangers, law enforcement, professional guides and search and rescue teams.




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