Leader-Guide Training


Ideal for both recreational leaders and professional guides who desire the skills needed to lead canyoneering groups safely and efficiently.


I have trained with Rich and not only do I see the immense value of his knowledge, I also see the practical benefit of sharing that knowledge. Beyond the technical expertise, he provides the tools to help you think through the challenge, and apply the knowledge. His training will make you safer, more prepared, and a better leader or guide.

Dan Kidder

Instructor / Media Host

Rich is a very good instructor, with a gift for training. I gained a lot of knowledge and experience from him. He provides a great mix of listening, explaining and practice activities to provide a very safe, supportive learning environment.

Takman Rai

Canyoning Guide, Nepal

When I first got into canyoneering I quickly realized that I needed some training. While doing a deep internet search, two names kept popping up as people I might want to train me. When I found out that Rich Carlson had trained the other guy I knew I wanted him as my instructor.

Over the years I have received training from other instructors, but I consider my training from Rich to be the best. Rich has taught me so much about canyoneering and I still learn every time I attend a course with him. I never thought I would go as far as becoming a guide and instructor myself, but here I am and I thank Rich for all he has taught me.

He gives more than his knowledge to the community around the world and it’s usually for minimal financial gain. Rich was my instructor in the beginning and now he is also my friend. Thanks Rich!

Shane Wallace

Canyon Guide/Instructor


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