ART Cedar City UT Oct 2020

$360.00 $240.00


FRIDAY-SATURDAY-SUNDAY • 30 Oct – 1 Nov 2020
Instructor: Rich Carlson

Workshop Fee: $360

Canyoneering Karma Passport Holders: $240

$240 Deposit required with registration. Balance due on the first day of the workshop. $120 Discount for individuals who acquired a Canyoneering Karma Passport prior to 8 September 2020. To receive the discount you must bring your passport with you to the workshop with all information entered and up-to-date.

The ART of Canyoneering is Rich’s flagship canyoneering workshop. It is designed to provide fast track training for canyoneers who wish to acquire the specialized technical and problem-solving skills required to competently descend technical canyons.

Topics covered in the 3-day workshop:
  • canyon topography and rating systems review
  • advanced knots and hitches for rope, cord and webbing
  • efficient movement, climbing and stemming
  • efficient rope deployment
  • single-point and multi-point anchors
  • appropriate use of friction and sequencing for marginal anchors
  • single-rope and twin-rope rigging systems
  • importance and proper use of contingency rigging
  • static and dynamic courtesy rigging
  • guided rappels and redirects
  • specialized rappelling and belaying techniques
  • ascending and transitions
  • tandem and simul rappels
  • pothole escape techniques
  • problem-solving strategies
  • tips and tricks from Rich’s 40+ years canyoneering


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