ART of Canyoneering 1


Don’t let the Intro to Canyoneering title mislead you. This course is your first step in transitioning from a handful of memorized techniques to a true understanding of anchor, rigging and rope techniques.

2-Day Course and Online Course


I started canyoneering about four years ago. I took a class from Rich and quickly realized there was so much more I needed to know to be safe. He teaches the skills necessary to be a competent canyoneer while reinforcing critical thinking to understand why and not just how to do things. I feel more confident in my skills and abilities as a result of his training.

Jodi Srdich

The canyoneering classes that I have taken from Rich Carlson not only have been a passport to places only accessible via rope work, but have created a foundation of understanding of risk management in natural vertical environments. If you are looking for a path of self-reliance and clear understanding of canyoneering and rope work, look no further.

Adolfo Isassi


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