VT Instructions

Designed by Rich Carlson and manufactured by BlueWater Ropes, the VT Prusik features a super tough, heat resistant Technora aramid sheath over durable nylon core strands. The core in this kernmantle design keeps the VT from flattening and binding up. … Read More

Totem Instructions

The original Totem is the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of rigging devices. Deceptively simple looking, the Totem is remarkably versatile. Use it for belaying, releasable rigging and hauling systems, or as a rigging plate. Use it for rappelling – it’s simple … Read More

Clipping Short

Clipping short is a simple technique that can be used for passing knots when ascending or transitioning from ascending to rappelling. If you think these videos will be beneficial to others, please share them on your favorite social media.