CEM Releasable Knot

The CEM (for Cañonismo En Mexico) is a releasable knot, similar in function to the macrame. It can be used around natural anchors, especially trees, when insufficient webbing is available. CEM Instructions

Rigging Glue-In Bolts

There are basically two categories of bolts used for anchors – mechanical and glue-in. In virtually all situations, glue-in bolts will out-perform mechanical bolts … by a wide margin. Unfortunately, they are not very common, so when people do encounter … Read More

Overhand Knot

 An overhand knot is an overhand knot is an overhand knot. NOT! Watch this video as Rich explains the critical difference between an overhand knot and an overhand bend and the appropriate uses for each. If you think these … Read More

Anchor Loading

The amount of load we put on our anchors depends on more than just the weight of the person hanging on the rope. Mechanical advantage and friction also come into play. In this instructional video Rich Carlson explains and demonstrates … Read More