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Rigging & Rescue

September 3 @ 9:00 am September 5 @ 5:00 pm Mexico Cit

Are you ready to take your rigging and rescue skills up a few more notches? If yes, this intense 3-day workshop is for you. Training will focus on safe and efficient rigging, self-rescue and companion rescue. You will learn how anchor and rigging choices affect the options available to you to respond to emergencies; and you will be challenged by scenarios that test your skills and expand your problem-solving capabilities.

Topics covered will include:

  • specialized single-rope and twin-rope rigging for rappelling
  • planning for contingencies, pre-rigging for rescue
  • situational application of various types of belay
  • simple lifts, shifts and lowers for rescue
  • converting static rappel rigging to lower
  • rigging retrievable horizontal safety lines
  • guide ropes and tag lines for rappelling, lowering and raising
  • understanding how mechanical advantage and friction affect anchor loads
  • tandem rappels and lowers
  • counter-balance techniques for rescue
  • improvised patient carries
  • tips and tricks from Rich’s 40+ years playing and working on rope

Rigging & Rescue goes far beyond memorization of basic systems. You will learn to rely on knowledge and skills rather than the latest hardware, along with improv methods to accomplish your mission with minimal lightweight gear.

PREREQUISITES: (1) solid aptitude for knots and rope work, and (2) solid rappelling skills, including ability to lock off mid-rappel.


  • harness
  • helmet
  • descent/belay device
  • 6-8 locking carabiners (HMS, pear-shape preferred)
  • Dyneema sling, minimum 48 inches (72 inches or longer preferred)
  • VT Prusik, 8mm or 7mm


  • ascending device (e.g. Croll, Tibloc)
  • Micro Traxion
  • high-efficiency pulley (e.g. Petzl Partner, Rock Exotica Mini)
  • CRT HauLine

Gear will be available during the course for you to try and purchase.

$145 US (approximately 3000 pesos)