1,000 YouTube Subscribers

Feels like a legitimate channel now. 🙂

Working on a Support Page on my website to provide another means of support for my volunteer training programs and free instructional videos.

Delano Peak

At 12,169 feet Delano Peak is the highest in the Tushar Range, the third highest range in the state of Utah.

Join Judy and me as we enjoy the magnificent views from the summit and encounter an unexpected bonus along the way.

Trekking Pole Mods

Turn your trekking pole into a selfie stick AND a monopod so you won’t lose any memories when hiking solo. These are the simple mods I made to one of my Black Diamond trekking poles for my 5-week backpacking adventure through sever southeastern states in January 2017.


The StickPic is a simple yet ingenious tool that mounts on the end of a trekking pole and allows a solo hiker to capture memories on the trail. Uses standard 1/4 x 20 threads fir direct mounting of most compact cameras. Adapters are available that will allow use with smart phones and GoPro cameras as well.

Giottos Ball Head

The Giottos MH1004-320 Professional Mini Ball Head is the perfect accessory to add versatility to any tripod. Made from a lightweight aluminum alloy, this locking ball head makes adjusting your camera to nearly any position quick and easy. Installation on the trekking pole required drilling for a 1/4 x 20 threaded rod.